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We generally do not rebuild Toyota transmissions. There are so many available used that a full rebuild can be cost prohibitive. We can quote pricing individually. When we remove a transmission for a clutch replacement we replace the top cover gasket, front seal retainer gasket and front seal as a part of the quoted job.

A clutch replacement includes the friction disk, the pressure plate, machine work on the flywheel, new throw out bearing, new throw out clips, new pilot bearing and new rear main seal. We also inspect the oil pan and cam freeze plug for evidence of leaking. The bell housing is cleaned and painted. The transmission seals are replaced as listed above. Base price for this service is $865.
Quite often the rubber boot that seals the throw out arm to the bellhousing is missing or worn. We replace it as needed for an additional $30 charge.
Many of our customers combine a tranny swap or transfer case rebuild into a clutch job. As we need to remove many of the same components you can save money and we can fix the entire system.
During the clutch service we will also inspect your entire clutch hydraulic system and replace parts as required. You will be given a full estimate of any additional work. The clutch replacement is warranted for 2 years or 24,000 miles. The warranty does not apply to intentional misuse or to oil contamination from sources other than the rear main seal.

H55F 5 SPD transmission replacement:

FJ 60:
FJ 60:
The H55F tranny swap is one of the best things you can do for the drivability of your FJ 60 or FJ 55. Generally, we do not suggest installation into 40 Series trucks due to the length. The 5 speed allows for a lower 1st gear and a higher 5th gear for highway driving.
We use only new OEM transmissions coupled with rebuilt transfer cases. We will not install a new H55F with a non rebuilt transfer case. The main reason for this is we need to warrantee our work. How can we warrantee a used, non rebuilt part?
The swap includes a new tranny, rebuilt transfer, new clutch, new shifter and knob. For all FJ 60s with a production date of 10/85 or newer the cost for this service is $4250.* For all FJ 60s with a production date of 9/85 or older the cost is $4750 as we will need to provide you with a later transfer case.**

*If we determine that your 4 speed transmission is in good shape we will give you a credit of $75 on the job.
** If we determine your older transfer case is in good shape we will give you a credit of $100 on the job.

FJ 62:
We can also replace your existing A440F automatic transmission with a H55F. The swap is a bit more involved but the gains are impressive. The job is basically like the above listed FJ 60 conversion with the addition of a pedal assemble, clutch hydraulic system and driveline modifications. The cost for this service is $4950.***
The H55F transmission is warranted for 5 years 60,000 miles, the clutch for 2 years 24,000 miles and the transfer rebuild for 2 years or 24,000 miles.

*** If we determine your existing A440F is in good shape we will give you a credit of $150 on the job.

Automatic Transmissions:
We do rebuild the A440F auto transmission. Base price on this $3200 with a 2 year/24,000 mi warranty.

We do install and provide aftermarket transmissions such as SM420, SM 465, 700R4, 4L60E  etc. Please contact us for additional info.

Prices subject to change, please call or stop by for an exact estimate for your vehicle.